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What Is Healthcare Business Growth™And How Can We Help You?

What Is Healthcare Business Growth™And How Can We Help You?

Hi, my name is Brad and I am the creator of Healthcare Business Growth™. I have spent the last 9 years working in the Health & Fitness industry, running my sports injury practices and helping people from all across the globe with my online courses and programmes. 

As you probably know, we as healthcare professionals get ZERO business training whilst we are doing our qualifications and learning how to help others. What most and if not all training companies fail to remember, is that each and every one of us will become a business, the moment we graduate and get our certificate or diploma. So we are left to make it as we go...

This is where I want my agency and I to help you get a clear framework in front of you, so that you can move on from working for your business to having your business work for you!

We do so by following the Business Master Hexagon™

  • Stage 1: Business & Brand Definition
  • ​Stage 2: Website Development
  • ​Stage 3: Incorporating Software & Tech 
  • ​Stage 4: Social Media Presence
  • ​Stage 5: Marketing & Advertisement
  • ​Stage 6: Customer Service 

This is the so called Business Master Hexagon™. All stages involved are a key part of the big puzzle and your business will not able to achieve its potential, if even one of them is not in place...

This is the so called Business Master Hexagon™. All stages involved are a key part of the big puzzle and your business will not able to achieve its potential, if even one of them is not in place...

Can This Work For Your Business?

If you can relate to any of the below, then the answer is YES!

You are trying to find time out of your busy schedule to work on expanding the business, but clients or social media keep distracting you.

You are not certain how to establish yourself as an authority in your field, even though you know you have the knowledge to be one. 

You are very busy in your health business, but would also like to take things online and create another income source, but are not sure where to start.

You have hit a plateau in your business and are struggling to take things to the next level, even though you know you have the capacity and resources.

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, then you’re not alone. And, we can probably help.

We've done it THOUSANDS of times before with many of your colleagues.

The Truth Is That You Are Capable Of A Lot More Than You Think

I want to speak directly to you now. The picture above is me after seeing the efforts that I put in working on my online business, go into fruition. That month I generated £10,000 in a single month. 

I managed to achieve that in a time when a lot of businesses were struggling. You guessed it, it was the COVID-19 pandemic. 

You are probably asking yourself, how I managed to do that, when we were not able to see patients or clients 1-1. Well the quick answer is that, I used the Business Master Hexagon™ method that I had been developing for years, and built an online empire on its foundations.

Without that, I certainly would not have been able to build my online business in such a short time. And that is the moment I realised how important foundations are in business.

I wanted to share that with you, because I am absolutely certain, that you are capable of achieving the same and even a lot more. If you are like myself, someone who is passionate about their business and wants to keep developing and figuring out new ways to generate income, then you simply MUST reach out. I am always happy to chat to like-minded individuals and if you decide that what I have to offer is valuable to you, then I would be honoured to have you on as a student. 

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